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Recommendation Tips, Before and After your Surgery

1. Find out all about the operation you want done.

2. Make all pre-operative analysis required for the operation.

3. After taking the results of the analysis, go to appointment to schedule surgery.

4. Inform your doctor of all medicines you take regularly in the past three weeks, from teas, vitamin E or appetite loss drugs.

5. Eat more citrus juice or take medications that contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

6. Have proper clothing to wear after surgery such as: belts, bras, preferably clear colors.

7. Organize your home or work activities, remembering that you are partially disabled from 48 to 72 hours after surgery.

8. After surgery, you can eat any food that you feel that tolerates preferably potatoes, cheese, chicken broth, beef or fish which will help you recover soon.

9. Do not remove the corset for any reason up to 72 hours after surgery, even for bathing.

10. It is very important to note that the wounds will drain bloody fluid in the first 24 hours.

11. Do not change the recipe and if you have any questions call 809-986-2510 available 24 hours 7 days a week.

12. Your first appointment is very important. Do not lose it. Ask any questions you have and clarify all doubts.